New Easement Recording Protects 120 Acres of Forested Agricultural Land


New Easement Recording Protects 120 Acres of Forested Agricultural Land in Loudoun County, VA from Future Development

Old Dominion Land Conservancy works with owner and farmer Robbie Thompson to preserve local landscape and viewshed

LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA – In a win for the local landscape, Old Dominion Land Conservancy and local farmer and property owner Robbie Thompson have recorded a 120-acre easement in Loudoun County, VA.

By restricting future development, the easement will help maintain the rural character and unique landscape around Hillsboro and western Loudoun County. Some 97 acres of forest, much of it on steep mountain slopes, will be protected from development. The remaining cleared parts of the property will continue to be used for row crop production, such as the corn that is currently planted there.

The easement has reduced the property from 24 divisions to a maximum of 2 divisions. This has significant impact for maintaining the local landscape and function of the land.

Home to Stony Point Farm, the 120-acre property is located along Stony Point Road, directly outside Hillsboro, VA. It is within the viewshed of Stony Point Road and Route 9, both state-designated scenic byways, and the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. The property also falls within the Journey Through Hollowed Ground corridor and the Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area.

The property boasts a lengthy history. It was owned by the McIlhaney family from 1776 to 1878, when it was purchased by current owner Robbie Thompson’s great-great-grandfather. Since then, Stony Point Farm has been in continuous agricultural use by the same family.

“I was watching TV one night and saw a program about John Muir’s conservation work with Yosemite. His work inspired me to protect the mountains in my backyard,” said property owner Robbie Thompson.

“People these days only see dollar signs when looking at land or how many houses can be built on it,” Robbie added. “They don’t see the heritage and history of a property that should protected. The property has been left as is [undeveloped] since my great-grandfather lived here and I want to keep it that way.”

“ODLC is proud to have helped Mr. Thompson preserve part of his family farm that has been in his family for generations,” said Henry Stribling, Executive Director of ODLC.

“Protecting part of the short hill mountain from development not only preserves the forest and natural habitat, but contributes to the overall scenic value of the Between the Hills and Hillsboro area,” added Mr. Stribling.


About Old Dominion Land Conservancy (ODLC)

Old Dominion Land Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that works with landowners and other stakeholders to protect in perpetuity Virginia’s land and waterways as well as to assist environmental stewards through scholarships and educational opportunities. Under the leadership and guidance of ODLC, properties totaling over 20,000 acres have been successfully designated and preserved via conservation easements.

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