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Who Can Donate Land
Into Conservancy?

Individuals, trusts, large and small profit corporations such as LLCs and not-for-profits such as organizations, and religious and environmental groups can all donate land into conservancy. Donating an easement can involve many steps and requires the cooperation and coordination of multiple parties over many months. However, that the procedure will be slightly different for each property. ODLC will guide you through the steps.

ODLC is your partner in working through the process and will assist you with completing the required paperwork, inspecting the areas to be donated, recording the property with photos, and will inspect the property at least annually to make sure the land is being maintained according to the terms of the conservation easement.

Landowners should always seek advice from their legal and financial advisers regarding the financial and estate benefits of a conservation easement.

Please remember that land donations are completely voluntary and you may change your mind at any time during the application process.