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The ODLC Team

Henry Stribling ODLC

Henry Stribling

Executive Director

Henry Stribling has over 10 years of conservation experience at Old Dominion Land Conservancy. As Executive Director, Henry leads conservation easement acquisition and management efforts. Henry also works closely with public and private partners to enhance local efforts to protect lands for public use. Growing up in a family of hunters and campers and rooted in family, his love the of the outdoors continues to propel his work in the preservation of Virginia’s array of landscapes. In addition, he’s been a psychotherapist in a private practice in Hillsboro, VA for the past 23 years. When there is spare time, Henry enjoys hunting, hiking and golf.

Chris Fielding


As ODLC Board Chair, Chris Fielding’s primary role is to set the strategic direction for the organization. Once the Board of Directors reaches a consensus on an initiative, he then works closely with the Executive Director to ensure implementation. He has been in banking for over thirty years, is a graduate of the University of Richmond, and holds a Certified Financial Planning Certificate from Georgetown University. From an early age Chris had a keen interest wildlife and habitat conservation, and high school summers spent working on farms gave him an appreciation for the vital role they play in maintaining open spaces.

Jorge Espinosa

Board Member

Jorge Espinosa has had an extensive career in the banking industry and for the past 10 years as worked as the Senior Commercial Banker for TD Bank’s Maryland/Virginia Region. As a member of the ODLC board of directors for the past, 12 years, he’s helped the board develop a firm organizational foundation allowing us to grow as a land trust. His devotion to land preservation aligns with his interest in all outdoor activities that include hunting, hiking, skiing, and golfing. In his spare time, he loves to volunteer with local organizations in the area including Soccer Association of Maryland and various Food Bank’s in the area.

Mike Ray

Board Director

With over 28 years of experience in the legal field, Mike Ray has been an ODLC board director for the past 5 years. Throughout his career as an attorney in the Northern Virginia area, he’s committed his focus and expertise on land and natural resource issues. Mike is an avid outdoorsman and participates in local programs like Virginia Adopt-A-Highway and construction projects to improve Virginia parks as part of Eagle scout programs. In his spare time, Mike likes to take his wife and two kids to visit Virginia state parks and the local wineries that support the Commonwealth.

Michael Mastroberti

Board Member

Michael Mastroberti has had a diverse career including contract work with the Maryland Department of Resources Fisheries Dept.  He is currently the Sr Manager of Global Trade and Tax at Tesla Inc. Michael has been a board director of ODLC for the last 3 years.  Michael believes that land perseveration for future generations to enjoy and to benefit the environment is of critical importance. Michael likes to take full advantage of the Chesapeake Bay is an enthusiastic sailor and fisherman.  He also volunteers time to participate in beach and waterway clean ups.

Edward Karppi

Board Member

Edward Karppi has over 30 years of professional experience in a variety of financial, investment, consulting and management roles. He’s been part of the ODLC board for the past 8 years. As Treasurer of the board, Edward is able to draw on his financial background to keep ODLC on a firm financial footing. Edward is a keen and lifetime lover of the outdoors. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, skiing, fishing, golfing, conserving efforts and visiting our wonderful National Parks across the country.

About ODLC

All forms of life need food and water. We get our food from the land and our clean water from run offs, springs, streams, and rivers. Life cannot be sustained without access to uncontaminated land and water. Our small farms, gardens, parks, forests, trails, wetlands, grasslands, and yes…large commercial farms, local, state, and federal forests and parks are all part of the ecosystems that most people simply take for granted.

Our goals are to protect the land and water, and provide for future generations.

Originally formed in 2001 as International Partners in Education, Inc. we changed our name in 2008 to the Old Dominion Land Conservancy, Inc. to more appropriately reflect our focus on the preservation of Virginia’s beautiful, historic, countryside and valuable water resources.

Founded to protect land and water resources for their natural, scenic, recreational, historic, and agricultural values, the Old Dominion Land Conservancy, Inc. (ODLC) also seeks to educate the public on why land conservancy is so very important and so easily overlooked.

Under the leadership and guidance of ODLC, many properties with a total of nearly 4,690 acres have been successfully designated and preserved as in land conservancy.

ODLC accepts land donations, but also tailors conservation easements to meet the specific needs and conservation purposes of each landowner and our organization. ODLC is a Virginia nonprofit corporation and qualifies as a federally recognized public charity under IRS Section 501 (c) (3).